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Learn Spoken Spanish The Way Spies Do!

F oreign Service Institute - Spanish Basic Course was first printed in 1957 • The Foreign Service
Institute School of Languages would have preferred to revise the text for this second printing, but the
requirements of day to day training have forced a postponement of the task. The revisions contemplated
wooJd have affected primarily the pedagogical design rather than the analysis of Spanish structure. In
any case the book remains thoroughly useful and useable.

This book was prepared specifically to train officers of the Foreign Service and of other United
States Government agencies who are involved in foreign affairs and who need to learn to speak Spanish.

The course is designed to be taught by a native speaker of Spanish who has received training
specifically in the use of such materials and who teaches under the supervision of a scientific linguist.
Spanish classes at the Foreign Service Institute normally contain six students who receive six hours of
class drill daily and are expected to do at least two hours a day of preparation, mostly practice with
tapes. With this schedule average students at the Institute require approximately two to two and a half
days to assimilate one Unit thoroughly. The Institute believes that the text can be useful in other
teaching contexts, with the important provisos that the instruction be carefully supervised by an expe-
rienced professional person, preferably with training in linguistics, and that full use be required of
the tapes.